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Outrage, Inc.: How the Liberal Mob Ruined Science, Journalism, and Hollywood by Derek Hunter

Publisher: Broadside Books – June 19, 2018

From Derek Hunter—one of the most entertaining political writers today—comes an insightful, alarming look at how progressives have taken over academia, pop culture, and journalism in order to declare everything liberal great, and everything great, liberal.

Progressives love to attack conservatives as anti-science, wallowing in fake news, and culturally backward. But who are the real denialists here?

There are three institutions in American life run by gatekeepers who have stopped letting in anyone who questions their liberal script: academia, journalism, and pop culture. They use their cult-like groupthink consensus as “proof" that science, reporting, and entertainment will always back up the Democrats. They give their most political members awards, and then say the awards make their liberal beliefs true. Worse, they are using that consensus to pull the country even further to the left, by bullying and silencing dissent from even those they've allowed in.

Just a few years ago, the media pretended they were honest brokers. Now a CNN segment is seven liberals versus a sacrificial lamb. MSNBC ate their sacrificial lamb. Well, Chris Matthews did. Tired of being forced to believe or else, Derek Hunter exposes the manufactured truths and unwritten commandments of the Establishment. With research and a biting, sarcastic wit, he explains:

The growing role of celebrities in the political world, and movies with a “message" that dominate awards season, but rarely the box office.

The unquestioning reporting on “studies" that don’t prove what they say they prove.

The hidden bias of “fact-checking," when the media cherry picks which facts they check.

Celebrity scientists like Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson blending liberal activism with pretend expertise outside their fields.

Clever, controversial, and convincing, Derek Hunter's book gets to the root of America's biggest cultural war lies.

What People Are Saying

"Derek Hunter takes a scalpel to the liberal outrage culture and dissects it with the precision of a fine surgeon...then he breaks out the hammer and finishes the job. Outrage, INC., is thoroughly researched, and offers keen insight and biting humor. It's an important book documenting the left's manipulation of all aspects of our culture to advance its radical agenda."
Bestselling Author
David Limbaugh
"Outrage was a response saved for the most egregious offenses by those with a moral compass, but in today's society, outrage is a vehicle for attention, a substitute for informed debate, a tactic for the ethically rudderless. Derek Hunter walks us through how if everything is outrageous, nothing is."
Nationally syndicated talk radio host, author
Dana Loesch
"Suppress facts. Silence dissenters. Manufacture hate. Tolerate intolerance and violence in the name of social justice and peace. These are the radical commandments slavishly worshiped by the media, academia, and Hollywood. The result? Fake news, campus chaos, and non-stop propagandizing by celebrity hypocrites. In Outrage, Inc., the irrepressible Derek Hunter defiantly runs toward this out-of-control liberal mob and beats the bullies back with truth. Not "my" truth or "your" truth, but The Truth. Wanna trigger leftists? Buy this book."
Author of "Unhinged, Culture of Corruption," and "Who Built That
Michelle Malkin
"Outrage has become the newest weapon in progressivism's arsenal against truth.  It accompanies 'science says.'  Combined, the left wants to steer conversations in their direction and win arguments by rigging the system. Derek Hunter exposes not just the left's war on truth, but also how they're continually sucking the fun out of everything to promote outrage." 
Best Selling author, radio host, and founder of
Erick W. Erickson
"As Derek Hunter notes in his new book, Outrage, Inc., there is a whole “anger industry” devoted to ginning up destructive mobs for political reasons. Mobs usually fade away when it becomes clear that there’s a price to be paid. Online mobs feel safe, but unlike a real mob, each member is actually identifiable. (Even people with fake Twitter handles are pretty easy to identify, if anyone really wants to, and doubly so if the government, or litigants armed with subpoenas, want to."
USA Today, June 4, 2018
InstaPundit's Glenn Reynolds
"Derek Hunter, author of the upcoming book 'Outrage, Inc.,' said conservatives know this drill by heart. 'Conservatives have to separate the art from the artist all the time, or our options for entertainment would be limited to puppet shows and our own singing in the shower,' said Mr. Hunter, whose June 19 release examines progressives who dominate Hollywood, academia and the scientific realm. 'Some of history’s greatest artists were alcoholics, misogynists, racists or otherwise awful people,” Mr. Hunter said. “Never invest your emotions in someone who doesn’t know, and doesn’t care, that you exist. … [J]ust enjoy their work.'”
Washington Times on May 31, 2018
Popular Culture Writer Christian Toto
"...Derek Hunter's excellent Outrage, Inc, out in two weeks)..."
June 4, 2018 Column columnist Kurt Schlichter