Derek Hunter is a radio host, columnist and author of “Outrage, INC: How the Liberal Mob Ruined Science, Journalism, and Hollywood” (HarperCollins). 

He is a senior columnist for Townhall.com and has been a prolific writer contributing pieces to more than 70 newspapers, including New York Post, New York Daily News, Politico, The Washington Examiner, The Washington Times, Detroit Free Press, Atlanta Journal-Constitution and USA Today.  During Andrew Breitbart’s leadership, Derek was a contributing writer for Breitbart’s Big Journalism, Big Hollywood, and Big Government sites.

In 2009, Derek was recruited by Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel to help start The Daily Caller.  As managing editor, Derek created and managed the launch plan of the website. He helped recruit top conservative writers, policymakers, opinion leaders and members of Congress to contribute to the new online news site. He also mapped out and implemented the social media strategy involving Twitter, Facebook, and daily emails. He devised and negotiated partnerships and cross-promotional agreements with highly trafficked and influential blogs.  He introduced Daily Caller staff reporters to Capitol Hill and policy contacts, weekly coalition and private, invite-only meetings for sources and story leads. He later became the host of “The Daily Daily Caller Podcast" and was a contributing editor of The Daily Caller for 10 years.

His snark can also be found on Twitter @DerekAHunter.

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“Outrage, Inc.: How the Liberal Mob Ruined Science, Journalism, and Hollywood"
by Derek Hunter
Publisher: Broadside Books (June 19, 2018)